The Anthem 

This project involved working with local primary school children, creating & producing a 200th Anniversary celebratory Anthem.

Workshops began with studying the history of ‘Ladies Day'. Then, with fun creative writing sessions, the children were encouraged to write poems and stories and to talk about what they had learned. All their work was then structured into song format producing the lyrics for the anthem.

The creative team produced the track and song. During a second set of workshops children learned the finished piece and 100 children then gathered at Neston Town Hall to be recorded singing 'It's Ladies Day' - the finished anthem. It has now been mixed and mastered and 500 CDs produced.

Workshops were led by Hip & Harmony CIC's Creative Director Paula Prytherch and Local singer/songwriter Steve Daintree.

Music was composed and the anthem produced by professional music producer Patrick Dineen.

Find out more about the Anthem in this article on AboutMyArea Neston.


It's Ladies Day - the Lyrics

Verse 1

The sun is shining, like a bright star smiling down on us,
Feeling proud of our town so let’s rejoice.
All the people are gathering, it’s gonna be such a special day for us
Sing along to our song and lift your voice.

Bridge 1

It’s a time for a celebration, for both the young and old,
Tomorrow’s a mystery, but we’re making history, a story to be told.


Whatever the weather, we’re coming together, today is here to stay.
Walk through the ages, turning the pages, hand in hand let’s celebrate,
Always with us won’t fade away, in our hearts forever...
It’s Ladies Day.

Verse 2

We hear the bagpipes playing, while the marching band says follow us
To the fair with its music and candy floss.
So many beautiful flowers, with all the ribbons like rainbows over us,
Pretty dresses
and a blessing on Neston Cross.

Bridge 2

Been passed down through the generations, now it’s ours to hold,
We all want this to be the best one in history, a story to be told.

Chorus x 2